Oracle Utility – ORAChk or RACCheck

I would like to introduce this very useful utility from Oracle. ORAChk, previously known as RACCheck tool, can be used to verify/audit your Oracle databases environment. It checks on your configurations that does not follow Oracle’s best practices. It will also check your system level configuration and detects if there’s any misconfiguration. It can be used for the following environment.

  1. Single Instance Database
  2. RAC Database (It will checks on Clusterware and ASM as well)
  3. GoldenGate (It will check if GG is installed)

It is supported on your typical 64bit Unix/Linux platform for Oracle database 10gR2 and above.

Please refer to MOS (Doc ID 1268927.2) for more information.

This tool can be used to audit an Oracle environment before it goes live, before/after an Oracle database upgrade or used for troubleshooting issues. I strongly recommend to keep this utility as part of your DBA toolkit!


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