Singapore Oracle User Group – SGOUG

Ever since I started my career in Oracle database, I have always been wondering why is there no Oracle user community in Singapore. There are many different Oracle user group in the world. IOUG, UKOUG and even PKOUG! Singapore is one of the biggest financial and IT hub in the APAC region, there is absolutely no reason not to have our own SGOUG!

I really think that it would be nice if we can have our own Oracle community in Singapore where we can share ideas and learn from each other. I have started this little group in Facebook to see if we have enough people in Singapore to start our own Oracle user group.

If you are located in Singapore and is working with Oracle technology or want to learn more about Oracle technology, please do join our group. If we have enough people, I will try to set a regular meetup every month!

See you then!


5 thoughts on “Singapore Oracle User Group – SGOUG”

  1. We used to run a RACSIG group in Singapore for a few years till end-2011. That was informal. A formal User Group would be required to register as a Society under Singapore law.

    1. Hi Hemant,

      I am thinking of running this group as informal until we get a good number of interested people. If there’s isn’t enough people, we can call it off too.

  2. Hi Wei Shan, I may be moving to Singapore early next year. I would be interested to help set up a user group in SG.


    1. Hi Timothy,

      Please drop me an email when you are in Singapore. I’m keen to meet up with you!

      Wei Shan

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