Being a database IT professional

Where to get knowledge on databases (Oracle/MSSQL/MongoDB)?

Being in a IT profession is one of the most challenging career. There are many areas of IT you can focus on. For example, security, networking, systems, application and many more! The worst thing is that all these demands for skill sets changes over time. If you bet your luck on a single technology, you WILL be out of the job some day in the future. (hint: lotus notes)

However, that is also the most interesting aspects of being a IT professional. You learn new things and adapt/evolve to the ever changing landscape of the IT industry. I have less than 3 years of experience in IT and have yet to experience the downfall of any major technology. However, I firmly believe  in the following;

  • You need to embrace changes. If you stop changing, you will get changed!
  • Be curious to all things
  • Be open-minded to new technologies

I would also like to recommend some goodies for my readers. The following lists are where I get my usual “self-improvement” materials from. Do note that they are mostly database related. Its a database blog after all!

  1. Microsoft SQL Server
  2. MongoDB
  3. Oracle YouTube Free Tutorial
  4. CBT Nuggets Training (Chargeable)

Globalisation is happening around the globe where IT team can be in anywhere supporting the business. We are competing with IT professionals globally. This does not just happen in IT industry alone. Being knowledgable in more than one database technology will definitely helps in the long run.

Wei Shan



One thought on “Being a database IT professional”

  1. Thank you for the links! I’m starting my first year of working in Oracle, your blog has already helped me, and I think the videos will be a great help too

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