SQL Server 2014 – Unable to add AlwaysOn AG Listener

SQL Server 2014 – Unable to add AlwaysOn AG Listener

We need Availability Group(AG) listener to enables a client to connect to an availability replica without knowing the name of the physical instance of SQL Server to which the client is connecting. This means that you do not have to manage the client connectivity during a failover.

Recently, I was deploying a new setup with SQL Server 2016 on Windows Server 2012. It’s a 2 node AlwaysOn AG setup. When I was trying to add the AG listener, I hit the following error:

Error message

I tried troubleshooting the issue using the Microsoft document over here. However, the solutions provided was not working.

In the end, we found our that we needed this patch to work. It’s the SQL Server 2014 SP1. This patch contains more than just security fixes. I highly recommend for you to install this patch before you perform any SQL Server 2014 deployment!

Wei Shan


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