2016 Year End Thoughts

2016 Year End Thoughts

I began this blog more than 4 years ago, on 8th September 2012. My life has undergone a massive change since then. 4 years ago, I started my first job working with Oracle databases on AIX/Solaris O/S. Today, I work with mainly MongoDB/PostgreSQL/MySQL on FreeBSD/Linux O/S. Within this short timespan, proprietary software market share has reduced massively. For every proprietary software, there is a open-source version out there. Albeit, it might not be as enterprise ready as the paid counterparts, but hey, it’s free! Also, database is a lot more cooler to work on now!

This year has been a life changing experience for me. I did a lot of freelance database consulting work, relocated to a different continent, also working with in a team with very different culture compared to mine. The tech industry in London is a lot more vibrant than Singapore. The average quality of engineers are a lot higher than back home. The best thing that happened to me professionally is that I realised that I wasn’t as good as I thought. I’m happy that I had this self realisation myself instead of having it shoved down my throat. (Think of China during the Qing dynasty!)

My professional motto is always to be the dumbest guy in the room. So far, I was never the dumbest guy. Fortunately, there was always this few guys that’s just a tad dumber that me. However, in this new team, I do feel like the dumbest guy in the room. It’s probably more of a fact than feeling. It is brutal and humbling and definitely not a pleasant experience. It doesn’t help emotionally when the working culture are forthright, meaning they are more than willing to engage in a point-blank technical conversation without any hesitation of being as blunt as they can be.

However, it does kindle this burning sensation within me to strive to be a better engineer. I do want to read as much as I can and catch up to their level. I will let my inner asian mindset shine here 🙂  2016 has been an amazing ride so far, I can’t wait for 2017 to happen. It’s going to be so much more exciting!

I wish everyone to have an awesome year in 2017!

Wei Shan


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