Thoughts on PostgreSQL JSON Vs MongoDB JSON Performance

Thoughts on PostgreSQL JSON Vs MongoDB JSON Performance

Recently, I came across a 3 year old blog post from EnterpriseDB about benchmarking JSON performance on MongoDB Vs PostgreSQL via a random Quora response of someone bashing MongoDB performance. I use both PostgreSQL and MongoDB on a daily basis at my current role. They are both great database and good at what they were built to do. However, the benchmarking results were absolutely unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it and had to read the source code myself.

There were a couple of reasons why the results were highly inaccurate.


It uses bash to generate massive INSERT shell scripts and inserts into mongod via Mongo shell. This means that it is not benchmarking PostgreSQL against MongoDB. It is benchmarking PostgreSQL psql against MongoDB Javescript shell (SpiderMoney/v8). That’s not a very fair benchmark is it?


Same issue here. It uses Mongo shell to run the SELECT queries. Effectively, the performance will be bounded by the speed of the javascript engine. It was using v8 back in version 2.6. (Link)

Data Loading Test

This is the only fair comparison so far. It compares PostgreSQL’s COPY against MongoDB’s mongoimport. It was indeed true that PosgreSQL was faster than MongoDB in this test.


I love using both PostgreSQL and MongoDB. However, this benchmarking test fails prove that PostgreSQL was indeed faster than MongoDB in JSON performance. Also, it did not share the configurations of postgresql.conf and mongod.conf. MongoDB doesn’t work well with ext4 filesystem. So if they are using AWS Linux AMI, it’s going to be on ext4 unless they took the effort the mount external EBS volumes.

Since the results are already 3 years old, I plan to benchmark PostgreSQL and MongoDB over the next few weeks using PostgreSQL 9.6 against MongoDB 3.4 with WT storage engine. Also, I don’t work for MongoDB nor EnterpriseDB, this will be a unbiased test 🙂

Wei Shan


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